Yep, I am a tomboy. I love football. I love cars. I love racing. I DON’T know much about makeup application tips or accessorizing. I DON’T spend hours getting ready.

However, I DO want to look and feel pretty! Unfortunately, the “don’ts” above can easily work against that!

texans-nails-accessoriesEnter… Jamberry! I discovered Jamberry nail wraps a few years ago and, at least for me, they were my solution to the above quandary. Something about having pretty nails just makes me feel better, no matter what state the rest of me is in.

Years ago, I regularly treated myself to acrylics at the salon. But, when we got pregnant, I heard that getting your nails done or hair colored could be bad for the fetus (I honestly don’t know if that’s even true, but I didn’t feel like overly researching and it wasn’t worth the chance), so I stopped going. Then, after he was born, having the time or money for a trip to the salon every 2 weeks became an issue, so I stopped having them done.

I don’t have the patience (or skill; see my “don’ts” abovebutterfly-bliss 🤣) to do my own nails, so out the door nice nails went, for years.

Then… a friend had a Jamberry party! I fell in love with these little vinyl adhesive nail wraps!

Not only do I always have pretty nails, but they have also helped me actually get some length to them! They are so brittle and thin from years of acrylics, but when I keep these on, they act as little shields for my nails, which allows them to grow!

Now, put it all together and you might see why I love these little nail wraps so much. I’ve always been a tomboy, so I never learned all the makeup tips and skills. As an adult, I’ve struggled with my weight, which contributes to not feeling pretty and confident. So even though having my nails done might seem like an insignificant and small thing, it helps! People comment on my nails (which means they are concentrating on my nails!) and it makes me feel better about myself.

unadjustednonraw_thumb_15bbAnd I love that they have something for virtually everyone. Be it the classic pink & white or solids to florals, geometric designs, etc. all the way to Disney, the NFL & NBA officially licensed wraps, there is ALWAYS something for me to wear. Plus, they virtually always have at least one commitment to charity wrap, where a portion of the proceeds go to to a charitable organization.

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