I’m Still Alive (Part 1)

Well, hello! It’s certainly been quite awhile, hasn’t it? Yeah.. sorry about that. I thought I would do a couple (or maybe a few?) blog posts to bring everyone up to speed on where I’ve been and where I am now! I don’t want them to be too long, so we’ll see how it goes. …

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Diets Don’t Work!!

At least not for me. I mean, they work temporarily, but clearly they don't work long-term. Even if the "diet plan" is called something else ("this isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change"), I'm still changing my eating habits in a way that isn't going to be permanent, so let's just call it what it …

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Sad and Powerless

Well, the fact that I haven't posted a blog post in a really long time has got to clue everyone in at how maintaining my weight loss is going. 😦 It's truly alarming to me the rate at which I can gain back weight when not paying attention at all. Clothes now don't fit. Confidence …

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