Happy New Year!

Austin FireworksDo you have any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014? I will be honest and admit that I haven’t made any this year. But, in thinking about it for about 15 whole seconds now, I think I should continue to work at breaking my addiction to my phone. Also known as My Precious. I’ve always loved my smartphones, but since getting a Samsung Galaxy Note II at the beginning of 2013, I’ve taken the love of my phone to a whole new level.

1) Once we are all home for the night, I will retire my phone to the bedroom for the night, so I’m showing them that they are my priority and that I value my time spent with them more than face time with my phone.

2) When we are out to dinner at a restaurant, my phone will remain in my purse.

3) When we are driving together in the car and I’m in the passenger seat, my phone will not be my focus, my husband will.

If these were the only three changes I made for the year, I think it would be a successful year! I fully believe in and love technology, but I also believe it’s starting to rule our lives in excess. My phone is a great tool for many things, but it doesn’t help me spend quality time with my family!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and I wish y’all a great 2014!

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