Help Is On the Way!

NOT dieting seems to agree with me, at least for now. I don’t know if it’s all the extra water weight I may have been carrying or what, but I am down 6 lbs since starting to “not diet”. 😀

I got in my two Zumba sessions this week and a little mild swimming. Yay!

However, I still feel like I am not active enough on a regular basis, and I’m not talking about scheduled exercise. I’m talking about just moving, in general. I feel like I’m either sitting on my butt on my computer (a bit unavoidable since I work from home on the computer…) or exercising. Sedentary, or regimented exercise.

So, I want to approach this the same way I do food: be more aware of my general activity level, just like I’m now more aware of the food I’m putting into my mouth via Lose It! (which I’m loving, by the way)! Being as I’m a huge tech geek and I love to compete with myself, I think I might have found the perfect solution for me, and it’s on the way right now!

I ordered the Fitbit Ultra! I’m so excited! 

One of the neat features is that it will wireless sync my activity/steps to Lose It!

It’s very small and can be (should be!) worn all day and all night (it tracks sleep patterns!). Additionally, not only does it track steps, but it also has an altimeter so it can track stairs/floors climbed.

Just like a lot of popular social apps (that have nothing to do with exercise), it also taps into our competitive nature and has badges and such that you can earn when you hit different levels. Fun!

My first day wearing it, I am going to try and just go about my normal day as I would now, so I can get a good baseline of how active (or, as I suspect, not active) I am right now. Then, I can challenge myself to increase that activity daily, even if it’s just getting up from my desk every once in awhile and taking a walk up the stairs, around my house, and back to my desk again.

Maybe I’ll start walking to get the mail (which is actually a good distance) and parking farther away from entrances (especially as our cooler Texas temps start to arrive in the next month or so).

It’s scheduled to be delivered next Tuesday (happy birthday to me!), so I’m planning on next Wednesday being my first “Fitbit” day. Oh, and a special thanks to Julie/Towards Healthy Life for my discovery of the Fitbit. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Help Is On the Way!

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