Sick Again? Or Maybe Allergies?

Back in 1998, I made the decision to move from Minnesota to Phoenix, Arizona. The catalyst? I have a sinus condition that doesn’t agree with the cold and damp climate that defines Minnesota winters and it caused chronic sinus infections that, quite literally, could not be treated. After one such miserable winter of no relief, my doctor laid out two options for me:

  1. Experimental (at the time anyway) surgery called “Windows”, where they would insert two tubes into my sinuses. These tubes would hold my sinuses open, but could cause permanent damage to my tear ducts, causing my eye(s) to water continuously, as well as potentially come out with a heavy sneeze. Oh, and the kicker? It wasn’t guaranteed to actually fix the sinus problem either.
  2. Move somewhere dry and warm. See ya! 😉

So, off to Phoenix I went, to enjoy 11 blissfully sinus-problem-free years. 🙂

Now, here we are in Austin, TX. I love this city. Considering we’ve been here only about 9 months, I almost can’t believe how much I love this city. And this state! I have no desire to ever leave Texas and Austin just suits us. There’s just one thing. Since getting here, I’ve had quite a few colds – one after another and they’re fairly unrelenting. 😦

This week, I again feel horrible and can’t imagine exercising. After the horrible food weekend, I was anxious to jump back in yesterday and back into my new Zumba routine. Instead? I spent the day working on the couch, with my laptop on my lap. Eyes stinging and watering, nose running, throat scratchy, coughing. Fabulous. Today? Add sneezing, exhaustion and a bit of dizziness to the mix. Feels like another really bad cold. Sigh.

Am I sick again? Or, am I simply suffering from what so many suffer from here: seasonal allergies? Austin is one of the worst cities in the country for those who suffer from outdoor allergies, and apparently they’re year-round, with differing pollens throughout the year. I have tried taking some over the counter allergy meds, but there are so many different kinds and since I have never suffered from allergies before, I don’t know what to get. They haven’t done much for me, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m getting the wrong kind or if it’s not allergies I’m suffering from.

The time has probably come for me to just break down and go see an allergist, so at least I’ll know, one way or the other.

The good news here? Allergies, unlike my sinus condition, are manageable. So, once I know if (and what) I’m allergic to certain pollens, I can find a way to manage it and get back to living a normal life where I don’t feel tired and rundown all the time – and I won’t have to leave!

If any of you have any knowledge or experience with allergies that you think might be helpful, I’m all ears. 🙂

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