Recluse Mode…

In a follow up to my post a couple days ago, Time to Get Moving, I started thinking about what the difference was between the first few months here in Austin, when I wasn’t really dieting or watching what I was eating and the 3 months that followed, when I managed to gain 30 lbs in those 3 months.

Of course, I indulged more in those months, but not THAT much more that it would be the difference between maintaining and gaining 30 lbs!!

So what else was different?

I started really thinking about it a bit more today, and I realized that the biggest difference was indeed in how much I moved!! When we first got here, we were very busy getting unpacked and settled. It led to us being on our feet more and sitting less, just naturally. We were going out almost every day and doing something, even if just some shopping. And since we were on the go, we didn’t fall into being lazy and wanting to always just sit around. We were less tired. We were riding our bikes to the park in the mornings with Zach on a very regular basis.

Add to that trying to get plugged into a new church and the desire to make new friends, we started attending lots of events. We had stuff to do almost every single day of the week.

Fast forward to feeling a little burnt out from too many events, being settled in the new house and not having much to do around the house, and we easily fell back into “recluse mode”. We just wanted some time to sit and relax.

But, this is a place we are all too familiar with. While living in Phoenix, we basically sat around and did nothing, other than watch tv, watch movies and play video games… for years! We didn’t have any family there, and until we joined our first small group, we didn’t have too many friends either.

Unfortunately, that seems to be a place we’re both very comfortable. We actually enjoy sitting home and just relaxing together! But, the more we sit around, the less we want to go out and do anything. So, the more we sit around and do nothing, getting caught in a pattern of recluse mode.

So, while we weren’t going to the gym, or even really doing much in the way of “formal” exercise, we were moving. We were playing Wii Fit (and now we have a Kinect and aren’t even using it!) and going out and just basically… moving our bodies!

So, yeah, time to get moving! Time to be intentional about spending our evenings doing things other than vegging out on the couch. Even if we just go for a walk after dinner, it’s something. MOVE.

3 thoughts on “Recluse Mode…

  1. Hello Angie! I actually came to visit your blog hoping for an update! 🙂 Sounds like you are still in the “thinking” phase. What do you feel could motivate you? Do you have a special event coming up? I would really love to help support you! On the Team Beachbody website we have an online “Supergym” where you can log your workouts and your coach can see them and check in with you when you aren’t logging them. It’s free! Would that help you? What kind of exercise do you ENJOY doing? You mentioned the Wii and Kinect- do you like those? Would it help you to have an online friend/coach to help push and motivate you? 🙂

    1. Angie Bullock

      Oh wow – I’ve never heard of the Team Beachbody website but I am definitely going to check it out – sounds like it could definitely be an additional accountability/motivational tool! Thank you!

      As for what I enjoy doing, well, not much. Ha! Seriously, I do enjoy Zumba classes and I also have had fun with the Wii and Kinect. I think those are going to be my ticket to, at least, getting started.

      I helped a friend move today and surprisingly, all the physical labor wasn’t that bad. It felt good to move!! 🙂

      1. Great! 🙂 If you’d like me to be your coach you’ll need to sign up through my coach site: Otherwise you’ll get an automatically generated coach- sometimes they are good & sometimes they aren’t even active.

        Glad you were able to help get yourself & a friend to move together! 🙂 My first suggestion is to make a schedule w/ at least 3 ‘moving’ days per week – write it down- what you are going to do (Zumba, Wii, whatever) and what time you are going to do it. That will get you started!

        I look forward to helping you keep accountable and achieving your goals!

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