Is it Worth it?

Most people are aware that I’m a numbers person and I slant a wee bit (;-)) towards the analytical side of life. This is probably why I like Weight Watchers – it’s like a big numbers game!

Of course, this leads to me buying things that are “diet food”, but then they sit in the pantry or the fridge when the time actually comes for me to eat a snack. I think about how many points I want to use up on said snack and then I assess my options in that point range.

For example, we got this fabulous Skinny Cow candy at the best grocery store EVER, H-E-B Plus, for FREE because we bought 2 Lean Cuisine Market Collections steamer bags. I’ve had the candy before; it’s yummy!

BUT! It’s 4 points for one candy bar wafer. While that’s a lot better than a Snickers bar (8 points!), there are still so many more 4-point options that give me more food, etc. Even other Skinny Cow products! The Skinny Cow Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars are a perfect example. Now these are worth the 4 points! Maybe it’s because they’re so much thicker – you can bite them, not nibble! Ha! Look at the difference between the two products, both available to me for 4 points each:

So, of course, I do this with everything. The good part? I find myself eating more fruits and vegetables because they are no points. A grapefruit with splenda is zero points and a whole lot more food than that chocolate wafer. Granted, it’s not as good, either, and it does absolutely nothing for a chocolate craving. But Jell-O sugar-free chocolate pudding or Dark Chocolate Mousse Temptations are only 2 points and they do scratch that itch.

Everything I put into my mouth is analyzed and held up to the “is it point-worthy?” (Seinfeld fans, unite!) test! 😛

The Skinny Cow candy bars are indeed great to have on hand for when you are just really craving a candy bar, because they’re way better to eat than an actual candy bar. But, in the end, I still find myself giving them to Zach for a treat rather than eating them myself. 😉

On that note, I’m about to post a recipe for some fabulous Chocolate Chile Cookies that are only 2 points each that I think ARE worth it, even if they’re not more than a 3 bites a cookie! 🙂

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