Maybe One More Day WOULD Have Saved It…

So, you just know I couldn’t resist getting on the scale this morning, just to see what my weight loss would have been had I gone the full week. 😛

I tried to resist (and I’ve actually done really well not getting on more than once a week), but today the pull was just too much.

Low and behold, I was down .8 more lbs from yesterday morning! LOL!! So, my total loss for the week would have more than doubled had I weighed this morning instead of yesterday. 1.4 lbs instead of .6 lbs. Ha.

But the really good news is that yesterday morning after I posted about my somewhat disappointing week, I put my freshly washed jeans on. These are the same jeans that I was able to get on last week, but only if I laid down on my back to zip and button them. But yesterday? Yesterday I was able to put them on and zip them up while standing up! 😀

So I was pretty happy even before getting on the scale this morning. 🙂

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