Let the Challenge Begin!

And now for something completely different! 🙂

I am the type of girl that not only needs accountability, but I also need a plan and I need structure. I also really need that jump-start to any plan to get me (and keep me) motivated. That’s why SlimGenics was so successful for me – I had the results to keep me motivated. Unfortunately, I no longer live anywhere near SlimGenics and I think I’ve proven that it’s not my long-term solution, since I seem to have hit “gain mode” and I have no desire to go back to that plan again. I know it works, but it was just so hard and it didn’t incorporate exercise.

So, in my last post about energy, I mentioned that there was good news and that FedEx was bringing me energy. It arrived yesterday! 😀

One of the women in my awesome women’s group is a distributor for AdvoCare. I had never heard of it before, but she replied to my cry for help and said that she could definitely help me (and she is very in shape, so she got my attention!). I looked into their 24-day challenge and in the end, both Mike and I have decided to do it and we are starting today (thanks to my awesome dad for the Christmas present and never-ending support in this area)!

This plan is designed to give you lots of energy and it incorporates exercise! Yay! I just may finally get off my tush!! I truly desire to have overall fitness and health, not just thinness and I am very optimistic that this will be the start of that lifestyle change. I don’ t know what it is exactly that gives me that optimism, but it’s there and that alone gives me motivation. I’m actually EXCITED to start this!

This will probably be even harder than SlimGenics was, simply because I now have to learn how to really exercise and get the most out of it, but here’s to my jump-start! I pray that the Lord will walk with me in this and give me the strength and enduring motivation to truly change my lifestyle this time, not just lose some weight!

2 thoughts on “Let the Challenge Begin!

  1. Jennifer

    Once you get past the first few uncomfortable days of working out, it feels phenomenal! The adrenalin, the blood flowing, the hot shower afterwards, the warm fuzzy feeling after the shower as your muscles thank you for giving them some attention… It’ll make a huge difference in how you feel in every way… emotionally, mentally, physically. Enjoy! We’re off to the gym this afternoon. : )

    1. Angie Bullock

      Thanks, Jennifer – that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. Toured the local YMCA yesterday and was very impressed – they even have a “cardio theater” where they play movies all day (and it’s even dark in there).

      Going back on Monday to sign up since they’re starting a promotion that day to waive the joining fee. 🙂

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