I’m Breaking Up With the Scale!

First off, sorry for the long absence. Considering how new we are to the Austin area, I’ve been surprised at how many things we have to do! God is really plugging us in fast, and for that I’m grateful. Of course, it’s kept me away from my computer quite a bit, which isn’t all that bad either.

So, here I am. I have NOT been exercising, unfortunately.

I started off with a bang and then, nothing… my birthday weekend rolled around, we had a great time with friends and ate lots of yummy (but bad) food, and I just haven’t been able to get back into the exercise thing since. Oh, and my free Zumba class is over, so I’m totally bummed about that!

But, in the course of all this, I’ve figured out that I need to break up with the scale! And what I mean by that is, I need to stop playing the sodium game. Prior to SlimGenics, I had never worried about sodium intake at all. But they really opened my eyes to how sensitive my body was to it. Therein lies the problem. I have become obsessed with maintaining this insanely low sodium diet so I don’t retain water. But then, I can’t enjoy food at a restaurant – even in moderation – at all! Because when I do, all that sodium packs the weight back on.

Back up a week or so to my birthday weekend. I ate off plan on Saturday, but not a ton of food. Got on the scale Sunday morning (my actual birthday) and I was up 8.5 lbs! SERIOUSLY? In ONE DAY?!

It was then I realized that this sodium thing was out of control. The weight gain of 8.5 lbs was not real. It was water weight. That being said… that means that my weight loss on SlimGenics was not all real, either! And that also explains why I wasn’t comfortable with the way I looked at goal weight – because I really WASN’T at that weight. I was more like the professional athlete who sheds all his water to make weight before a game or fight. That’s not REALLY what he weighs, but it is when his body is retaining NO water.

So, I am stopping worrying about the sodium intake (well, I’m not going to go nuts, or anything, but I’m not going to worry about it). I figure I can eat healthy foods and get the weight down for REAL. The scale doesn’t need to tell me I’m healthy, my clothes size and the way my clothes fit do.

It’s a bit of a change. I haven’t been getting on the scale at all since then, so I haven’t been updating my ticker or anything. And I’m not going to. In fact, I should probably just remove it from my page altogether so it isn’t staring me in the face, inaccurate.

BUT, I do need to get back into exercise and find balance. I have a big problem with the whole balance thing – I feel like I’m either gaining weight or losing weight. But that’s a blog post for another day. Maybe tomorrow.

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