I Made It!

Well, I’ve made it through Week 1 of some serious, regular exercise. Of course, it wasn’t the full week that next week will be, but I did exercise outside the house 4 days this week – 3 times at the gym and one day of Zumba (need more Zumba!!).

I was thinking about my new routine and how it’s just something I have to do. I mean, not many people love getting up and going to work every day, but it’s something they have to do and they just get in the routine and do it, right? I’m blessed to not have that, so instead, the least I can do is spend an hour a day going to the gym! I just have to get myself fully entrenched in the routine where it’s just something I do.

The scale surprised me with a little reward this morning, as I was down 1.8 lbs from yesterday morning! Finally, the weight from last weekend is gone, plus .4 more, putting me only 8 lbs away from getting back to my SlimGenics goal weight. I’ve lost 7.6 lbs since Monday morning, putting me down .4 on the week when you remove what I gained over the weekend.

One thing I haven’t been doing and probably should, is taking measurements. I’ve just never felt confident in my ability to do them accurately (am I pulling tighter than last time, in the same place, etc.?), so I just don’t. But, now that I’m exercising, I feel that I will see more results in that arena than on the scale, so I think it’s important that I at least try to do them.

Well, time to go relax and tomorrow is a day of rest (yay!!). And guess what else is finally back? FOOTBALL!!! Vikings play tonight, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see the game when it’s rebroadcast on the NFL Network, since they don’t consider the Minnesota Vikings local down here in Texas.

Next up on the exercise calendar= Zumba class on Monday!

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