Slow Down, Fast Up!

It’s funny how you can eat perfect all week long, exercise every single day, and only watch the scale creep down about .4 lbs. Then, you have ONE meal off plan for dinner, get on the scale the next morning and you’ve gained 2 lbs!!

Last night we went over to the home of some new friends here in Austin to share a meal. While the food was clearly not on plan food, I did a pretty good job of not eating way too much of it. (Yay to not succumbing to gluttony!!) There was no alcohol and no dessert served, so I thought it wasn’t too bad. Still, 2 full lbs more on the scale today.

So, back to a strict day of no starches and maybe just VHP’s. Those always seem to assist in shedding water weight quickly, for some reason.

The reason this is so astounding to me is because last weekend an entire day off plan only yielded 1.6 lbs up the next morning. The human body is a funny thing, indeed!

2 thoughts on “Slow Down, Fast Up!

  1. Oh my Angie, I so know what you mean! I was doing good for the most part for a number of days then had what I thought was an ok dinner, then later found out just how much sodium was in it went up about 7 pounds in 3 days. It was (am) SO very very frustrated that my body would hold onto it that much and that it would change so rapidly. It’s just NOT fair, now it’s going to take me forever to get back down because I’m lost my positive outlook too.

    1. Angie Bullock

      I know!! It’s crazy how some people don’t seem to be as sensitive to sodium and water retention. I just don’t get it – I think I’m going to need to lose an extra 5 lbs under my goal just to account for the water retention that will happen when I eat a “normal” meal!! D’oh!

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