Well, THAT Was Unexpected…

Yesterday I asked for feedback regarding doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD for the second time. I think I already knew the answer, but wanted input anyway. Of course, the feedback I got on the blog, via email and Facebook was unanimous: do the DVD again.

So, last night I did indeed tackle it once again. I stuck with Workout 1 (obviously) and as I sit here tonight, still cannot believe the very unexpected results of doing it again.

I made it through and only stopped to rest twice for about 5 seconds each time!!

But what was REALLY interesting was that when I was done – I could move! In fact, I actually felt like I didn’t do enough and thought maybe I should do some Wii Fit too. I didn’t, though, just in case I was going to wake up sore today…

Was I sore this morning? Not even one little bit!

So, I was totally scared for nothing!! I’m sure it’s because I let my muscles heal from overdoing it last week and then jumped right back into exercising in some fashion every day that I actually HAVE grown stronger in a week. I know the Zumba classes are clearly great exercise, but I didn’t expect to feel NO pain since I’ve only done that particular DVD once before and it sure seemed to work muscles I wasn’t using otherwise.

Either way – I’m off to do the DVD again tonight! I’m going to stick to Workout 1 for now and maybe supplement with some Wii Fit. I have a feeling that when I switch to Workout 2 it will knock me on my rear again…

2 thoughts on “Well, THAT Was Unexpected…

  1. Kari

    Great job Angie! I am glad you made it through and weren’t sore today. It is amazing how quickly your muscles can adapt to exercise. You will be fit in no time!

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