Getting Soooooooo Close!!

I now have only 2 weight loss weeks left (well, I actually have 14 left that I either paid for or earned) and as of my weigh-in on Saturday, I have only 4.75 lbs to go! I lost 3 lbs on the week (yay!) for a total loss of 94.75 lbs!

Of course, as has almost always been the case when I’ve been close to milestones, I ended my week .25 lbs away from another one! But hey, getting under that 5-pound-to-go mark is also a milestone and I hit that this week!

So hopefully I’ll hit 95 lbs when I weigh in on Monday, and then the next milestone up will be GOAL!!!

While sometimes it feels like I’ve been dieting FOREVER, it hasn’t even been 9 months since I started SlimGenics! I would say that I have most definitely experienced a “results not typical” amount of weight loss by giving it to God and doing the work to strictly adhere to the SG plan. He must have known that I would need to finish a little early since we would be leaving Minnesota this summer! (Imagine that! )

I need to lose just under 2.5 lbs each of my last 2 weeks in order to hit goal before starting balance. I had said that I would be happy just getting within 5 lbs (I am stopping the weight loss phase 2 weeks earlier than the original weight loss weeks I purchased; I’ve earned an additional 10 along the way), and since I’m already there, I’m obviously extremely pleased with how this has gone. I know I have a shot at hitting goal before balance, but I’m honestly not counting on it. I know I had a great 3-lb week this week, but I’ve had many more 1.75 lb type of weeks lately.

Either way, just 2 weeks to go and we’ll be onto the next phase of the diet! Please pray that I have the motivation to end strong as I transition into Balance!

3 thoughts on “Getting Soooooooo Close!!

  1. WooHoo – Congrats, my friend! You are almost there. It is amazing what we can do when we have God on our side. I hope you will continue to post your journey after you have reached your goal. The "keeping it off" can be tough and I think it would be helpful for your post readers to also join in with you in that phase as well. ~smile~

  2. Thank you!! I will do my best.I actually plan to keep the blog going for other journeys I am now (next up will probably be purely spiritual), so I'm sure I'll keep the weight part updated.:-)

  3. Congrats on being so close!!! I am inching towards it also. They took me off the fruit/starch exchange and now have placed me on Plan1. Waiting for results. Can't wait for you to state you hit goal. Job well done!

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