Post Plateau-Breaker Blues

It happens every time, without fail.

When I do a plateau-breaker, they tell me that you’re not supposed to lose a lot DURING the plateau-breaker, but they’re designed to get you going like gang-busters AFTER the breaker is over.

Not for me.

I lose like a rock star the week of, and then… nothing.

As I already posted, I lost 3.75 lbs last week – the week OF the breaker. Weighed in Monday and was UP .5 lbs. Now, they said this is fairly common because of water retention from all the increased sodium (I figured as much) from the unlimited skin-on, meat-on-the-bone protein allowed for the two days prior.

But today when I weighed in, I was only down that 1/2 lb, putting me right back to where I was on Saturday, meaning I’ve lost NOTHING so far this week. I did ACV 3 times on Saturday, cut the sodium back a bit on Sunday and did ACV again Monday and AGAIN last night.

So, we’re trying something new. I am going to alternate removing one starch and one fruit every other day. So today, I’m removing a starch, tomorrow a fruit, then a starch, etc.

One of the counselors had told me that when I had 15 lbs to go, they were going to switch me to Plan 1, but I am at 12.5 lbs to go and they don’t want to do that until nothing else works.

I’m open to seeing how this goes, since I would have to permanently remove one starch if I moved to Plan 1 and this way I only have to do it every other day.

I’m definitely running out of time to get to balance 4 weeks before we leave for Texas, so I will do whatever it takes to get to goal – I have 5 weeks (after this week) left to get to goal. I’m going to give it my best and keep praying that God will help get me there!

7 thoughts on “Post Plateau-Breaker Blues

  1. One thing I found that helped me keep things moving was adding a VHP shake. I know, seems counter-intuitive, but that extra protein seemed to really help.You're a great inspiration to me, as another Slimgenics person. I have 20 to go and seem to be hovering here a bit.Mary in MN

  2. Thanks for the support everyone!@Mary, I am with you on the VHP's – I did one on Monday and another yesterday. My body really responds well to extra protein too, but man, it just holds on tight after these breakers!Only 20 to go is very exciting – way to go!!

  3. Hi Angie, I came across you from teh Sliimgenics board. I am exactly the same way. I lost 4.75 pounds during the plateau breaker and then gained 3.5 of it back teh following week being exactly on plan. I am curious to see how the fruit/starch mix up helps you. Please let us know. Thanks.

  4. Hi Kel,Well, I was down 1 lb on Friday (from Wednesday) last week, but then I was UP .25 lbs today.The counselor I met with today has seniority over the one who did the alternating starch and fruit thing and she immediately told me to stop doing that.She said that at this stage, removing calories would just put my body into starvation mode, so she instead is having me ADD another supergenic thermosnack in, so I will be on Plan 2, but with 3 snacks a day.She also said to exchange my starches for an additional snack (total of 4) 3x a week.This will be interesting… šŸ˜‰

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