Preferred Rates!!

So I haven’t had health insurance at all since I left my full-time job when my son was born, because I’ve been too heavy to qualify for individual insurance.

Well, we’ve recently started working with an AWESOME financial planner through Thrivent Financial (they are a fabulous Christian non-profit organization = financial planning services are FREE!!) and they found us a great PPO health insurance plan for the whole family that costs only about $45/mo more than we have been paying for just Mike & Zach! Sweet!!

I know I’m definitely not too heavy to qualify anymore, but here’s what I DIDN’T know: my weight is now low enough that I actually even qualify for PREFERRED rates!!

Now, I’m only in by about 1.5 lbs, but I don’t care! That’s enough!! And I’m not done with this journey, but it still feels great to know that I’m healthy enough for even the greedy insurance industry!

Oh, and just another little thing. I hit my 80-lb milestone today too! 80.75 lbs total; 2.25 lbs on the week!

3 thoughts on “Preferred Rates!!

  1. That's great Angie. Your looking fab and keep smileing all the way to the top because you deserve every bit of it. You've hung in through all the hard times during this journey so I have no doubt whats so ever that your going to keep it you and Yippie

  2. WHOOO HOOO!!! You'll ALWAYS be preferred to me,but now I guess I'll have to share. 😉 btw:Literally laughed out loud to your bugged eyed dude, and guy doing the happy dance.. XD

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