Despite Pizza, Another Good Week & Milestone Down!

I didn’t expect this week to be one of my better ones, considering the cheese bread and pizza dinner I had on Monday night, but luckily I was surprised!

Just had my final weigh-in of the week at my SlimGenics center and my total loss for the week is 2.5 lbs, putting me past a HUGE milestone with a total loss of 75.75 lbs!! WOOHOO!

I think the key really is not letting one bad choice turn into 2, 5, 10, etc… I’ve gone off plan enough times during this journey to see that as long as I get right back on and don’t let it become endless bad choices on top of bad choices, I don’t have to pay too much on the scale and it actually comes off quickly after getting back on track and acts like a little quick start.

I am so thankful for this program – I have less than 25 lbs to go and that feels incredible!

2 thoughts on “Despite Pizza, Another Good Week & Milestone Down!

  1. It's not just the program. but the dedication, perseverance and diligence of the subject (you!). It took us years and years to get fat and you've buckled down and gotten rid of it in six months. If you're not the SlimGenics poster child, I don't know who is. They should pay you to be their version of Jared.LYWYNY! 😀

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