Skipping Meals Leads to Bad Choices!

Sooooo… today’s weigh in showed a GAIN of .75 lbs. Was this a surprise to me? Not even one little bit!

Yesterday, we spent the ENTIRE DAY at a car dealership. And I mean entire day. We got there at 9:15 am and left with our new car around 4:30 pm. Ugh. I brought one snack with me, figuring we would be there all morning. Little did I know that my 10:00 am snack would be the last time I ate before dinner!!

So, exhausted mentally and starving physically, we took the easy route and went to Carbone’s Pizza for dinner. Started by splitting a dinner salad with blue cheese dressing and a 1/2 order of cheese bread. Then ate the pizza. YUMMY!

Here’s the kicker – if I had last night to do over, I would do it again! We had fun with Zach shoving pizza in his mouth and the dinner was fantastic (albeit we were way too full when we left and I don’t like THAT feeling – I would eat less pizza if I did it over) and it was totally worth the .75 lbs on the scale.

I fully believe that we need nights like that from time to time and it’s unrealistic to go months on end without them. Of course, I just had a week off plan while on vacation less than a month ago, but we don’t have to mention that, do we? šŸ˜‰

Either way, I got back on plan this morning and, of course, did my 2 tbsp shot of Apple Cider Vinegar with breakfast. I laughed with Mike saying that there would indeed come a day when I wouldn’t need to drink that awful stuff just because I had pizza the night before.

I can’t wait for that day and I have to stick to the plan to bring it here sooner rather than later! šŸ™‚

Oh, and on a side note, sat with my favorite SlimGenics counselor today and she told me that tomorrow was her last day. Happy for her and her new job, but sad that she won’t be there anymore. She rocked!

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