Finally! Official Vacation Report!

So I finally got to SlimGenics today for my first weigh-in in almost 2 weeks!

The verdict? Up only 1.25 lbs! Woo-hoo!

I am more than happy with that after a week of eating off plan. And it wasn’t just that I ate meals off-plan, but it was all the snacking (chips, pistachio nuts, etc.) that made it truly “vacation eating” and not just off-plan eating.

I have far more confidence now that I’ll be able to maintain once I hit my goal. If I find myself backsliding a little, I now have the tools to quickly eradicate it and go on with life!

So that puts me back to an official loss of 68.25 lbs. Think I can still hit 70 lbs this week? That’s my goal! 🙂

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