Plateau-Breaker Time Again!

When I weighed in on Wednesday, my weight was exactly the same as it was on Monday. They noticed (as have I!!) that my weight loss since the first of the year hasn’t been on par with the average weight loss previous to that, so they decided to put me on my second plateau-breaker.

They said that the average person hits natural plateaus every 6-9 weeks, so only needing the second one while in week #21 is pretty good!

This is a really crazy 7-day breaker where ALL I eat for the first 4 days are 3 protein shakes, 3 times a day. I also get one snack (I normally get two) and they’re restricted to the snacks that are 100 calories or less, so no yummy bars.

Now, that may sound like I would be hungry (and I was afraid I might be), but after two days I have to say that I’m actually LESS hungry than normal!! These shakes have 35 grams of protein each, so they are wicked filling. Today I put a cup of baby spinach in two of them (I’m allowed unlimited raw green vegetables) just for some extra nutrients and I actually couldn’t taste it AT ALL. BONUS!! Now I know how I’ll be getting in some extra veggie servings when I go back on plan and need to eat 4 a day! 😉

So far my scale at home has been moving, which is interesting because they said that people generally don’t lose much (if at all) while actually on the breaker, because of the really high protein content. But as soon as they’re done it starts to fall off. Either way, I’m actually enjoying it, because it’s super easy each day (make 3 shakes in the morning and I’m done cooking for the day!) and they’re really, really yummy. I use different extracts in them to make them all different (I start with either chocolate or vanilla).

I was going to go weigh in today, but with it never really even reaching zero today (woke up to -20ish below!!), I decided to wait until tomorrow to even leave the house, since that was the only place I planned to go today.

So, I enjoyed a nice relaxing day inside hiding from the Minnesota winter. Too bad I can’t hibernate all winter long. 😉

One thought on “Plateau-Breaker Time Again!

  1. I'm doing a 7-day plateau breaker too, but the grapefruit one. I've actually lost about 4 pounds so far this week, which is great!Glad to hear that you are not hungry!Keep us posted on your progress!!

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