How Much Does YOUR Phone Weigh?

Mine weighs 6 oz. How do I know this? Because every ounce counts and I didn’t realize until AFTER I had left SlimGenics on Friday that I weighed in with mine in my pocket!! D’oh!

When I got home, we threw it on the food scale to see just how much weight I jipped myself out of for the week. Haha! My weekly loss of 2.5 lbs was at least 2.75, if not 3. Ah well, next week will be a better week by 6 oz, right? 😉

Total lost so far: 61.75 lbs. To go: 37.75!

I don’t know what it is, but having that “3” in the front of the ‘to-go weight’ seems so much better than a “4”! 🙂

One thought on “How Much Does YOUR Phone Weigh?

  1. Awesome!!! Way to go. And that's funny about your phone. I always try to take off everything I have on me when weighing, but yes, sometimes I forget too.Have a great evening and keep up the great work! Way to stick on plan.

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