Trying to get back on track!

Well, after having bronchitis last week, I weighed in today after not having been to the center for a week. No more cheating, done with meds, time to get my butt in there.

I was down .5 lbs from last Monday. Not much, but hey, after the week I had, I’ll take it!!

Of course, that put me at 59.75 lbs. SO CLOSE!!! I WILL hit my 60 lb milestone this week!!

The thing is, I’m still having a hard time wanting to stay on plan, which is so weird since I wanted to jump right back in after Christmas. New Year’s was a breeze; no temptation to cheat whatsoever. But man, ever since getting sick, I’m really having to fight to stay on plan. I went back on only because I needed to, not because I wanted to like after Christmas.

So, now I’m just looking ahead 1 month until we take a vacation. I can certainly make it one month and I’ll be glad I did when I’m “1-month-on-plan-thinner” for our vacation!

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