Headaches & Holidays

This time of year makes it almost impossible to diet, especially as someone who really loves and enjoys food. Food is not fuel; food is a treat, a reward, a comfort, etc. etc. And the food everywhere right now is some of the best!!
Add to that the fact that I feel lousy because my constant sinus headaches have returned and it’s really cold outside: recipe for wanting food that I cannot have.
So I started getting a bit crabby about this last Friday and Saturday, especially after walking around Costco on Saturday amidst all the samples that were holiday-themed, etc. Mike then asked me (after prefacing it with “If I’m way off base on this, I’m sorry”) if I wanted to get a pizza for dinner, pointing out that no one can deprive themselves constantly without going bonkers. I think that was the nicest way possible he could have said “You are way too crabby and driving me crazy!!” 😉
I pondered it all afternoon and eventually decided to go ahead and get the pizza. I was still smart about it, as much as I could be, and we just split a thin-crust 10″, with my half having only veggies, no meat.
Now, you would think that having that pizza would have held me over for awhile, but unfortunately, it really didn’t. My headache started RAGING on Sunday and Monday was even worse. Tuesday and today have slowly gotten better, but the pressure has not left completely. The cold outside is still there. The chocolate and other yummy treats are still there!!
I think I’m going to just have to accept that December is a tough month and that it’s likely going to be the hardest month of my weight loss. Better to prepare for that now and have a plan, right?
The good news is, the pizza didn’t totally derail me and I’m still motivated to stay on plan, even if I don’t really want to. So far, I’m down 2.25 lbs for the week for a total of 47.25 lbs. Weighing in today sure helped remind me why I’m doing this in the first place. 

To lose weight AT ALL during the holiday season has got to be considered a victory (especially when indulging in a little cheesy goodness!), so I’m going to just keep on keeping on!

2 thoughts on “Headaches & Holidays

  1. Hey it's hard when you love food especially certain kinds. I still am very proud of you Ang. It's hard during the holidays, but your hanging in there. It will be over soon and then it's up hill again for you. I know your going to get where you want to be because you are a strong person. Hey you were a Deeg before you became a Bullock and the Deeg's are strong people. So hon you hang in there as I know you will. I love you and so very proud of you.

  2. YES! Yes, you are exactly right. Keep on keeping on, making right decisions, building stamina in your strong will, and reaching your personal goals. I am right there with you on both fronts; a food lover…not just for fuel, but really savoring each delectable taste, andhaving to continually fight the sinus headaches and related problems.In my experience, diet does play a role in the sinus problems also.I LOVE MILK & ICE CREAM! but…have found that if I consume milk products it keeps my sinus headache roaring.So, hang in there kiddo, and know that you all are being prayed with and for daily.In His great Love.

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