40 Pounds!! 40 Pounds!!!

I woke up this morning to a few inches of snow on the ground and it really coming down. We are under a winter storm warning with the threat of as many as 11 inches of snow today. Ick.
I could see by looking outside that the roads were a mess. But, they looked slushy more than slippery.
So, I had a decision to make. Journey out into the storm to do my 3rd and final weigh-in for the week, or let the week stand at 1 lb and a total of 39?
Of course, being as close as I was to 40, I had to go!! So I got ready and figured the earlier I went, the better. Less people on the road and less snow than there will be later.
I ice-skated my way to the SlimGenics center (almost literally; we still have desert freeway tires on the rear-wheel drive Expedition, so it was a very dicey drive), but it was SO WORTH IT!
Not the best week, as I only lost 2.25 lbs (which would be great on any other diet!!), but I don’t care about that, because that puts me at 40.25 lbs total in 11 weeks! YAY!!

So, now I’m home safe and sound with the knowledge that I’ve lost 40 lbs in a very short period of time. It sucks outside, but I’m glad I went. 😉

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