Cooking Vernacular!?

So in keeping with my post from yesterday, this morning I decided to try the French Toast recipe and the Maple Syrup recipe from my SlimGenics cookbook.
The french toast was simple; it’s really not that different from your standard recipe, as bread, milk and eggs are all on plan anyway. I could have used basically any recipe, if you ask me.
But the maple syrup is something that I will need their recipe for, as there is no syrup on the market that is on plan, to my knowledge.
Here’s where I get frustrated. I don’t know if their recipes are just different, or if I just don’t know the native cooking language. I’ve made plenty of recipes from a simple “Better Homes and Garden” cookbook before and they’ve all turned out very good. But I do know those cookbooks are probably more geared for the beginner, so maybe things are spelled out more clearly (and thoroughly) than in other cookbooks. I don’t know.
So help me out here. The syrup recipe: melt butter, add stuff, blah, blah. Then:
“Reduce mixture down into a syrup.”
What the heck does that mean? My best guess is that I keep it over heat until it reaches the desired consistency by way of evaporation, etc., but I have NO CLUE what it means to “reduce mixture down”.

Am I the world’s biggest cooking dummy? 😦

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