Early Thanksgiving Dilemma

I know it’s early for most everyone to be thinking about Thanksgiving, but the reason it’s early for me is the same reason it’s a dilemma.
My Grandma, Aunt & Uncle snowbird in Laughlin, NV for the winter and they’re leaving very soon. Therefore, our family is celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend.
Now, I had decided that I was going to not worry about SlimGenics and dieting for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it’s coming up so soon after the NY “trip of eating” and only a couple weeks after doing the plateau-breaker. As a result, this week I am seeing a really good loss so far (just went and weighed in over lunch and I’m down 2.5 lbs from last Friday until today – total loss of 33.25 lbs). 
Since the weight loss seems to ebb and flow, I’m hesitant to interrupt a period of really good weight loss. I’m much more willing to eat off plan when I’m not seeing a lot of loss.

I guess we’ll see how the week shaped up when I do my weigh-in on Friday and re-evaluate at that time.

3 thoughts on “Early Thanksgiving Dilemma

  1. Ang I think you will make the correct decision only by yourself on this. Think about it. Would a little bit of the meal hurt you? Sure if you shovel it in it probably will. Having a little taste and setting your mind on that's it shouldn't really hurt you. You've got a great head on your shoulders hon so you decide and then go and have a wonderful time with grandma, aunt and uncle.love you lots, aunt kitty

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