Great News for a Not-So-Great Week

Well, I weighed in this morning and I didn’t have very high hopes, because according to my scale at home, I am only down .2 lbs since Monday. UGH. I had such great hopes for this week and hitting my 30-lb milestone after being down 29.25 lbs on Monday.
So I went in, kinda feeling defeated before I even stepped on the scale, because I doubted I would be down any more since my 29.75 lbs on Wednesday. I get on the scale and… drum roll… I’m down another whole pound since Wednesday! WHAT!?
While this is good news indeed, I’m still a little confused as to why they are showing the loss and I am not.
So I lost 2.75 lbs for the week, which is not great for the week after a Plateau-Breaker, but still a good loss! My total loss is now 30.75 lbs! Woohoo! That puts me at an average of 3.8 lbs/week for the first 8 weeks. That’s pretty insane. Thank you SlimGenics and thank you God!
I seriously don’t understand why my scale doesn’t show more than .2 lbs since Monday and theirs shows 1.5 lbs, though. I guess we’ll wait and see how it looks over the weekend when I go back in for my Monday weigh-in.
At least I’ll be on the “progress board” for another week, but this time in the 30# category! Yay!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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