So I am again frustrated, mostly because I have no patience whatsoever!!
I was very happy Monday after having a nice loss over the weekend and weighing in at SlimGenics 29.25 lbs down. Of course, I convinced myself that I would hit 30 lbs by my weigh-in today, because 1/2 lb a day has been the minimum loss I’ve been seeing. And of course, I did the plateau-breaker last week that was supposed to kick my weight loss into high gear again this week.
Apparently I got cocky. Forgot to recognize continually that this success is NOT something I’m obtaining on my own, and that I have to keep giving it to God. He is why I have been so successful so far; there is no way I could have lost 28 lbs in 7 weeks on my own; it’s because I keep praying and giving it to Him that I’ve come this far.
Soooo… I get on the scale Tuesday morning…. and I’m UP .2 lbs!! Now, .2 lbs isn’t very much and it does happen from time to time. Did I mention I have no patience?
Ok, no biggie. It and more will be gone today! I get on the scale this morning and the .2 lbs are gone, BUT NOTHING MORE!! WHAT?! How can I weigh the same thing on Wednesday morning as Monday morning when I’m supposed to be shedding weight like crazy because of last week’s plateau-breaker?
So I went to weigh in and at least I was down another 1/2 lb with them (probably had lighter clothes!!), bringing me to 29.75 lbs! SO CLOSE.
They are convinced that I’ll hit my 30 lb milestone on Friday, but I’m going to be doing some extra praying and handing my health over to God (again and again and again!!).

9 thoughts on “SO CLOSE!

  1. Oh, honey, just breathe. Do you know how awesome you have done thus far? How many people go on diets and fail(you being one of them),stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself a huge PAT ON THE BACK GIRL!!! If you don't I WILL! 😉

  2. Thanks you guys. I know so far I've done really well, but I am definitely getting frustrated this week. I got on the scale this morning and I am up AGAIN! :-(I wonder if it's PMS water retention…

  3. Don't get discouraged my dear. You are doing very well… Remember your last post!!! RESULTS NOT TYPICAL!!!. This will happen from time to time, I know as well as you know that you are going do this. Keep up the good work sweetie and just think you can have FETTUCCINE ALFREDO!!! Can't really get much better than than!

  4. Oh yeah and so don't look at the scale during your PMS period!!!! Does absolutley no good! I was very dissappointed that I hadn't lost anything but 2 pounds on my cleanse, then I got my period and I was down 5. mmmmmmm….. Being a woman sucks at times, DAMN water weight!!!!

  5. Yeah, I know. But I have to log my weight every day on my journal, so I don't really have a choice but to get on the scale.Ah well, not much I can do about it, huh? 😉

  6. Okay my dear dear neice…you keep your chin up and as others have said give yourself a hugh pat on the back. I know it gets frustrating at times as we all know, but look past that because you are doing a wonderful job. Besides that your looking very good. Like I've said before I know you can do this…just keep that positive attitude. God is right with you on this journey honey. Remember things aren't worth anything if there on a silver platter and there's no struggle to get them. God knows what he is doing as you so very well know.I love you and I am so proud of you.

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