Results Not Typical

You know when you see those commercials for diets, diet pills, etc. and they show these before and after pictures of all these people who have lost extraordinary amounts of weight, but they put this disclaimer at the bottom of the screen in very small, white letters stating “Results Not Typical”?
Of course, I’ve never been one of these people. I’ve tried the diets, the pills, whatever, and had little to moderate success, but never “results not typical” success.
But now, I finally feel like a Results Not Typical girl!! Woohoo!
I weighed in at the center today and I’m in the middle of my 7th week. My total weight loss to date is already 28 lbs!! O_O!!!
And here’s what makes it even MORE results not typical. We spent last weekend in Manhattan and I completely went off plan. It was planned and I told SlimGenics about it ahead of time, because I couldn’t imagine going to NYC and not having pizza, etc. We left last Friday morning and returned late Sunday night, which was 3 full days of eating whatever I wanted. I couldn’t believe that I still lost 3.75 lbs in the past week, which includes those 3 days!
Since they knew I was going off plan and my weight loss had slowed down last week before going, we planned ahead and I have been on a 1-week plateau breaker since Monday, which obviously is working since I’m having such a great week.
Needless to say, I feel that any and all sacrifices have been and are completely worth it, as is the cost of the plan.
Oh! And I was going to post this last week, but I was so busy that I didn’t get to it, but I went into the center for my first measurements since the first day I went in and signed up for the plan and I have lost a total of 21.25 inches!! Now, that’s adding together the inches lost off my chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms, but still! The largest loss was off my waist, which was 6 inches!
So, apparently this is a really happy post and I’m extremely satisfied with the plan, even though it’s certainly difficult at times. But really, what diet isn’t?

So far I just want to say Thank You SlimGenics!!

5 thoughts on “Results Not Typical

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ANGIE!!! That is wonderful news! I'm so happy that you got to eat what you wanted on your mini-vacation and STILL LOSE THE WEIGHT! Plus losing all of those inches!!! You go girl.

  2. Results not typical… Because your body is saying I am ready to get rid of this and your mind is ready! I am so excited for you!!!! Congratulations Ang! You are gonna be one of those ladies on the TV saying I lost a 100 lbs in XX weeks and have kept it off for XX years!!!! You are such a fabulous woman and you inspire me honey. I love you more than words can express!!!! Keep it up Ang!!! That bike ride next year is Gonna happen!!!! ❤ ❤

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