Well, I Ate Pizza…

So I started out last Friday with the excellent news at my SlimGenics weigh-in that I was down 4.75 lbs for the week and a total of 16.75 lbs! Yay!
But… the day didn’t continue down that path. 
I went to the Ford dealer to drop off the Exped for a 60k service, and since I insist on wearing flip-flops until I am simply forced to stop, I was wearing them that day. It was drizzling outside, so the service drive was wet. When I stepped down out of the Exped, my foot went completely out from underneath me and I fell, with the running board of the truck breaking my fall right in the middle of my back. I then ended up on my butt on the ground. OUCH!!
So, not thinking that I am not eating the heavy stuff that I used to eat, I went home and immediately too two Aleve. This has never been a problem for me before, but by early afternoon it was a clearly a problem this time.
I got so incredibly sick and all my energy was focused on not vomiting. I was less than 1 week removed from the stomach flu, so my intestinal fortitude was running low and I didn’t want to spend another weekend in that condition. I started having sharp shooting pains and I immediately knew that the salad I was going to have for dinner was not going to do me any favors and that I needed something heavy in my stomach to assist. So, we ordered pizza. I got a thin crust with only mushrooms on it and I only ate about 4-6 small squares, but it sure helped calm down the tummy (and it tasted sooooooooooooooooo good!!!).
Luckily, I got up on Saturday morning and I weighed exactly what I had Friday morning. I weighed in at SlimGenics again on Monday morning and I was down 1 lb from my Friday weigh-in, so apparently eating very little of it was good. I have to admit that if I had gained weight back, I don’t know if I would have reacted in the “well, I already blew it, I might as well have the leftovers for breakfast” or if I would have buckled down even tighter. But, seeing that I stayed the same motivated me to get back on it and make sure I didn’t backslide at all.
Of course, I’ve been preparing the leftovers for my son for lunch every day since then and it’s been torture to not have any more now that I’m feeling better myself, but I have not!! I even managed to stay on plan on Sunday at the Minnesota Vikings Game (and did that make me want to have a drink or what!?) πŸ˜‰
So yesterday morning at the weigh-in we wrapped up my first month on the plan with a total loss of 17.75 lbs. Wow. I am VERY happy with those results – that’s a lot of weight to lose in just one month!!
I’m sure I won’t lose that much in the months going forward, but it sure is nice to start out that way. πŸ™‚

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