Good News / Bad News

Well, which do you want first? πŸ˜‰
Considering it’s not really good or bad news for YOU, you probably don’t really care, huh? Ok, I’ll get on with it then!
The good news is actually two-fold.
  1. When I weighed in last Friday for my 3rd week official total, I was down a total of 12 lbs. Yay!
  2. When I weighed in this Monday, I was already down 3.5 more lbs since Friday, for a total of 15.5 lbs!! O_O!!
Ok, so that’s a direct lead-in to the bad news (which is also two-fold), with the first part being that I spent the weekend with a stomach bug, and it’s WHY I lost all that weight. Ick. 

I don’t expect that weight loss to stick, as I’m certain that once I’m fully re-hydrated it will go back up. However, this morning when I got on the scale (after managing to eat almost all of my required food for the day and getting in all 80 oz of water yesterday) I was down another whole pound from yesterday morning. I didn’t expect that; I really thought I would be back up. So I guess we’ll see just how much comes back by the end of the week.
The second part of the bad news is that I would just kill for a pizza right now. I am still so weak, trying to get my strength back and eating light just isn’t cutting it!! I cannot shake being hungry and I want so much to eat something filling, warm and comforting.
I brought a salad for lunch today and knew this would be an obstacle, so I tried to make it as appetizing as possible, using one of my fruits for the day by putting raspberries on it and bringing raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Not helping!! I am forcing it down with my Diet Sunkist. 😦
If I were further along in the diet (like, say, 3 months or more), I would so just eat the stupid pizza. But since I’m still in the first month, I just cannot bring myself to go off plan and backslide. I want the 15 lb milestone to stick for the week!!

So, I will continue to choke down my salad for lunch, because I know I will enjoy some leftover turkey tacos (which are actually VERY VERY YUMMY!) for dinner tonight. Then I will have gotten through another day and hopefully tomorrow I will feel better, have more strength and staying on plan won’t be so hard, right? πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “Good News / Bad News

  1. well it sounds like you have way more self control than i do! I would so be on the phone with dominoes! lily is trying to diet right now as well, if you would ever move closer to us then you guys could be supporting each other!!! lol love you ang!

  2. Hahaha!!I was wondering what was with the 3rd person referral there. ;-)And yeah, I wish we were there in Texas too, especially now that fall is settling in, meaning winter is COMING! O_O!!Thanks for the encouragement, either way. Love you guys and miss you!!

  3. Oh my poor angie… that naughty Zach got you both sick. I am so proud of you for NOT eating the Pizza!!!! YEAH! Is there anything on your plan that is like pizza? Bread, sauce and cheese? Something?????? But I hope you are feeling better, and so far this fall has been beautiful up here. You really can't ask for a better fall so far!Love you so much and am so proud of you!!!kisses

  4. If there is something on the plan like pizza, I haven't found it yet! I seriously doubt it, though, because there is no cheese!! :-(And yes, we have had a gorgeous fall, there is no question. But I really doubt we'll be saying we had a gorgeous winter, unless we all fly south! ;-)Love you too and thank you!!

  5. Oh I feel so bad that your sick and having to go thru this with the diet, but I am so very proud of you that you didn't decide to go off just for the instant of having that pizza to fill you. See your getting your mind set and I am so proud of you for that. You can do it as you can see. love you and keep up the good work

  6. I have been away from my blog (and any social interaction via the computer) for a while now. I'm just now getting back into it. Thank you for your comment on my blog in Sept. I just read your most recent posts back to this one. I am VERY proud of you for not caving in and eating pizza. I too am a sucker for pizza. Any kind, I'm not too picky. It is the perfect food. You are ROCKIN' this diet and weight loss program and I'm proud of you.

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