This Week’s Final Weigh-In (and a SHOUT OUT!!!)

So I just got back from SlimGenics for my final weigh-in of the week and I’m down a total of 9.25 lbs!! Yay!!

I also learned that Friday is the day that they measure your weight loss for the week, not Monday like I thought. So when they put down on the chart your weight loss for the week, it’s compared to the previous Friday. So with that in mind, my 9.25 lbs breaks down to 5.25 lbs the first week and 4 lbs this week.

Now, for the more important part of today’s blog post. The shout out. It goes to my loving hubby, Mike. He has always been so supportive and encouraging no matter what the situation has been, but he has really gone above and beyond in supporting me in this journey and it is making such a huge difference.

There are two things that I really want to mention specifically here. The first is the obvious open support that he gives in that he doesn’t eat foods that he knows I would enjoy (like cake at my Aunt’s birthday party last week). But more importantly, and less obvious to everyone else, is that he is really doing a lot to make foods that aren’t my favorite (specifically chicken) not only tolerable, but likable and enjoyable for me.

He has been creating some fabulous marinades to let the chicken sit in (all with on-plan herbs and such) so they don’t have that “chicken” taste that just throwing a chicken breast on the grill has. For lunch we just had grilled chicken that sat in a spicy marinade of green chilies, dry mustard, crushed red pepper, etc. for 24 hours and it was GOOD!!

I really believe his support and help like this is going to be the difference, as my dad said, between success and failure.

Thank you, baby. I love you and appreciate how behind me you are and the help you’re giving me more than you’ll ever know. We all need a great support system to help us succeed in life and you give me the best one I could ask for.

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