Prep Days are Over ~ First Day on Plan!

Yay!! Prep days are officially behind me and today I started the weight loss phase on my plan. The piece of toast with butter that I had with breakfast never tasted so good before!!
Anyway, without further adieu, yesterday I said that I would report one more time the weight loss according to my scale in the morning, which would accurately reflect just how much weight I lost during those three prep days. The final tally is in and…. drum roll please…. I lost a total of 6.8 lbs in those first 3 prep days!! Whoa. To say I’m happy with that as I begin is an understatement. That makes the prep days sooooo worth it.
Something interesting I did today was to compare our scale to the SlimGenics scale. I went right to SlimGenics after work and weighed in. Then when I got home, I immediately walked in the door and weighed myself on our scale under the same conditions as I had just 15 minutes earlier on their scale. I weighed EXACTLY the same on our digital scale as their digital scale. Nice to know we have an accurate scale. Makes me feel even better about the 6.8 lbs. 😉
But here’s the kicker: I was wearing jeans and a pretty heavy long-sleeved top today. They commented on how heavy my clothes were before I even stepped on the scale at SlimGenics. So after weighing myself here at home, I changed into shorts and a t-shirt, went to the bathroom and got back on the scale and I weighed 2.2 lbs less!
This was really good news, because when I stepped on their scale, I was only down 2.5 lbs from my start weight last Friday. Of course, I knew the loss would be less than my 6.8 lbs because of the “last-hurray” weekend gain, but I seriously doubt I gained 4.3 lbs over the weekend, you know? I’m actually down closer to 4.7 lbs from my start, meaning I gained about 2.1 lbs over the weekend.
There it is. The last time I will worry about my weight loss according to my scale starting from this past Monday. I know my scale is accurate, which is nice, and I really only wanted to get a good baseline of what I lost in those three days since I hadn’t weighed in at SlimGenics since the previous Friday morning.
So here I am, Thursday of my first week and I’m already officially down almost 4.7 lbs.
I think I’m off to a great start. Thanks for the prayers everyone, because I’m sure they’re helping. They always do. 😉

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