It’s Official!

I am now officially signed up for SlimGenics and I start the plan on Monday.
I spent a couple hours there this morning going over everything and I’m VERY excited. I cannot believe I’m saying that about a diet!!!
They really focus on the “maintenance” and stick with you for a full 16 weeks after you reach your goal weight to help you reintroduce the foods you love and help you learn how to maintain the weight on your own. This is EXACTLY what I need! 
So in the interests of complete transparency, after doing my weigh-in, my weight loss goal is 99 lbs. That is A LOT of weight. But hey, I was happy to see it not tip 100 – a whole 1 pound less! Haha!
My weight loss phase is 40 weeks. I know that’s a long time, but man, 99 pounds in 10 months will be a pretty remarkable feat, so I’m very pleased with that. There is NO WAY I could lose 99 lbs in 10 months on my own, if I could lose it at all!!
The even better part is that you are monitored and it’s done in a healthy way, despite being so quick. Your body’s metabolism is just kicked into high gear and you are not depriving it of anything, especially lean muscle mass! That is so key.
I’m already looking forward to having more energy and living a healthier lifestyle. Just a few more days and I’ll be starting the journey!

Thanks for the support and prayers I’m already receiving. I’m very ready to make this change in my life and having my family and friends alongside me means so much.

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